“After only a couple of days, Ryan was sleeping through the night and napping in his crib for hour long stretches or longer. This was a huge victory, as I have two other toddlers under the age of 4 in the house. I didn't have the time to rock him to sleep as I did with my previous babies and hired Rebecca to help outline a sleep plan that was conducive to our circumstances. I was surprised at how quickly Ryan adapted to the strategies and techniques and am beyond impressed with the results!  Ryan takes three naps a day in his crib and is sleeping 10-12 hours at night!” – Diana, 4 month old baby

"We met Rebecca about 3 weeks into night-time sleep training with our almost 5 month old son. While he was doing pretty well with sleeping through the night, naps were another story. He was still only sleeping 30-40 minutes for naps, resulting in an overtired baby by bedtime, accompanied by some crying going to sleep. Rebecca provided us with a solid and individualized sleep plan for our son, to help consolidate and lengthen his naps. Finding the right wake-times was key for him, and Rebecca gave us great guidelines to follow. Once we started the plan, he started consolidating his naps and was down to 3 long naps a day within the first week! This in turn helped with his nighttime sleep. He now goes to bed without crying, has less wakings at night, and sleeps longer in the morning. Rebecca also provided us with strategies to deal with early morning wake-ups, day light savings, and what to expect in the months to come. Most importantly, Rebecca provided prompt and effective support during our time with her. Rebecca is extremely knowledgable, professional, empathetic and skilled at providing suggestions tailored to each baby/family. We are so grateful for all the help she provided and highly recommend her for anyone needing support with their baby's sleep!" – Anonymous, 5 month old baby

“Our son Calvin was always what I'd call a decent sleeper, but he was a terrible napper. Most days he'd take little 10 to 20 minute cat naps in the car or stroller or he'd doze off while nursing, only to snap to attention if I tried to lay him down. On the few occasions when I could get him down, he'd wake up after 40 minutes. Exactly. You could set your watch by it. Starting at around 5 1/2 months, he got even harder to put to sleep. I would nurse and rock and sing him to sleep only to have him start screaming after an hour or so. This went on for 2 weeks before we decided it was time to get help. As luck would have it, my friend Rebecca launched Dream Big Sleep Consultants that very same day! Even though she was familiar with our situation, Rebecca took the time to go through Cal's sleep schedule (or lack thereof) in great detail and was able to identify several problem areas right away. She created a custom plan and, honestly, we all started sleeping better the very first night! That's not to say that our sleep troubles are over. There have been a few bumps in the road, but Rebecca has been able to tweak our plan and get us back on track. My husband and I are now better equipped to help Calvin through any future sleep problems he may have, and for that we have Rebecca and Dream Big Sleep Consultants to thank!” -- Kyle & Brooke, 6 month old baby

“My husband and I were sleepless and devastated when I accidentally found Rebecca. She patiently listened to my story and life situation, and she designed a personal plan for my son. sleep training, like any other major change in life has it's own challenges. the difference between working with Rebecca or sleep training on your own is the instruction she provides you with. I tried to sleep train my son once he turned 4 months, but gave up after one week. second attempt after 2 months was a success cause Rebecca was always there to assure, guide, and provide me with feedback. my 7 month old boy now sleeps through the night for 10-11 hours, and take longer naps. I appreciate her help and encouragement through this major milestone both for us and my little boy." Arefeh, 6 month old baby

“Rebecca helped our family tremendously. Our 7 month old daughter was co-sleeping with us (something I swore I would never do) and I just couldn’t bear to have her leave but we were all sleeping terribly and knew we had to make the move. She gave us a great plan tailored just for us and helped coach me through it. Her tip sheets at the end of the package were very helpful as well. Thank you Rebecca for helping us sleep better finally!” – Ashley, 7 month old baby

“Around my daughter's four month mark I was fed up with being constantly exhausted and sleep deprived. I am a person who needs a lot of sleep, and my daughter was still waking up at night to breastfeed and she was napping little or inconsistently during the day. As an elementary school teacher, I was confident that I'd be able to teach my daughter to fall asleep on her own in her crib. Ha! After trying many different approaches through extensive online research, books, etc., I was not able to help my daughter fall asleep on her own. When my daughter was six months old, I finally asked Rebecca Nazzal to coach me. I should have asked my friend for Rebecca's number long ago! As Rebecca states many times verbally and in her instructional literature, the most important aspect of this approach is that you are consistent. With consistency, and with Rebecca's support, my family and I have had great success. 
*Rebecca is professional and knowledgeable. Coming from a school psychology background (and having her own child), she knows babies and children very well. Through her experiences with many families, she foresees issues before they happen, and will give you a layout of what to expect. I appreciated the structure and the detail of instruction she gave us in teaching our daughter to sleep. It is a practical approach with outlined troubleshooting scenarios to help you understand how to help your child. 
*Rebecca is kind, has a good sense of humor, and was very thoughtful in understanding my child. What I appreciated about Rebecca's approach was that she gave it to us straight without sugarcoating it. She showed me how to do "tough love" with teaching my daughter how to sleep while still showing love and care. It was an excellent balance in child-rearing-- sometimes you have to say no to your child, but you do it with kindness and comfort. She tailored my daughter's sleep plan to our family's needs, and took great care in making sure the schedule fit the child (i.e. bed time and morning wake time, making sure my daughter got enough feeding because she is a big eater, etc.)
*Rebecca is punctual, prompt, and an excellent communicator. Whatever way you choose to communicate with her (she gives you the option- texting, phone calls, emails, etc.) she is extremely helpful and supportive. Another extremely important factor was that I knew I would be held accountable daily for consistency, so I tried even harder to make sure I was consistent. If you know that someone will be checking to see how things are going, it is a lot easier to be firm in your decisions with consistency. I welcomed it and was thankful for it because it kept us on track. 
*Rebecca's approach, when followed consistently, WORKED WONDERS FOR BETTER SLEEP! We were well on our way to a better night sleep in two days, and on our way to better napping in three days. After just two weeks, we put our daughter to sleep around 6 or 7pm, and my husband and I get to spend the evening together like before we had a child. My daughter also sleeps soundly through the night and does not wake to breastfeed. As for naps, her timing is more consistent and she actually sleeps during naptime (most of the time). Her naps are not perfect, but I realize it has only been two weeks, and I know with continued consistency, she will be napping even better in the future.
I HIGHLY recommend Rebecca and all her expertise. Deciding to help your child fall asleep on their own is a big decision and is sometimes difficult to do, but when you're ready to do it, it will make all the difference. Rebecca's knowledge and support are well worth every penny, and much more.” – Jamie, 7 month old baby

I tried everything from Babywise, swaddling, white noise, CIO, mom blogs, sound machines, pacifier, etc. and it worked for a short time and then it got to a point where there was no consistency and I was lost. There was no book to turn to at this point . I was overwhelmed, exhausted and my husband put his foot down and said this has got to change. So I researched… I wanted someone local. Someone who could come to our house, meet us, and evaluate the situation. We found Rebecca by chance. What a blessing! She came to our home and got to know us. She discovered what works for us and what doesn’t and identified what we were looking to accomplish. She put together a plan and aced as our coach. She cheered us on, encouraged us and gave us hope. It wasn’t easy, but with Rebecca’s help our 4 month old was sleeping through the night by the 2nd week. Now not every day is perfect but 90% of the time our 7 month old has slept 12 hours straight through sine we met Rebecca. It was the best investment and so affordable for what we accomplished. We are all happy. My little girl is pure joy. The nights of rocking to sleep for 2 hours and a screaming baby are over. Now we can live life fully!!! She puts herself to sleep, she knows when it’s bed time/nap time and she wakes up happy! Thanks Rebecca for coaching us! – Sarah, Chris & Adriella, 7 month old baby

“Rebecca from Dream Big Sleep Consulting truly changed our lives. Before meeting with Rebecca, our little Izzy was waking up three or more times per night. We were all so frazzled. Izzy was addicted to the pacifier and once it fell out, she would wake up and cry out until we gave it back to her. Rebecca's guidance helped us to wean Izzy from the pacifier and we are all sleeping so much more soundly as a result. We were even able to transition Izzy to her crib, instead of the pack and play she had slept in next to our bed. Izzy now sleeps straight through the night (10+ hours) and takes two regular naps a day! We couldn't be happier! Our whole family is now well-rested and we have our sanity back. Thank you, Rebecca, for all of your guidance and advice, our experience with Dream Big Sleep Consulting was truly invaluable!” – Tiffani, 8 month old baby

“We decided to hire Rebecca when I was in the process of a job change; I knew that I needed sleep and that I needed results fast! We were so impressed with Rebecca's professionalism and knowledge, and absolutely blown away by how quickly our stubborn little one responded to her sleep plan. She now sleeps 12 hrs a night, naps like a champ, and can fall asleep on her own in her crib (I truly didn't think any of this was possible for my little one). I wish we would have done this sooner! Now momma gets full night's sleep again and feels like a new woman! So grateful for Rebecca and her expertise. I would highly recommend her to anyone struggling with any sleep issue. Thanks again, Charlie is doing great!” – Christen, 8 month old baby

“Our son had been a terrible sleeper since the day he was born. We suffered through months of endless nights of nursing, excessive night wakings, rocking, shushing, and crying. After reading a book about sleep training and giving it a go when my son was 4 months old, I felt better but that feeling of security didn't last long. There were too many unanswered questions and what-ifs with no one to guide or support us. So, finally, when my son was 9 months we contacted Rebecca, who was referred to us through other moms. She came to our house, went over every detail of Henry's sleep patterns and daily schedule, and constructed a customized sleep plan for him. She checked in with us every day and was there every step of the way. By a week into the program, my son was sleeping through the night and was able to put himself back to sleep without any sleep props! Thank you, Rebecca, for giving my family the tools needed to get some much needed sleep!“ -- Mandy and Keith, 9 month old baby

“My husband and I highly recommend Rebecca as a sleep coach. We enjoyed working with her and only wish we had reached out to her when our son was younger. We are very satisfied with the results. Rebecca's plan was detailed, effective, and personalized. We also appreciated her encouragement and quick responses to our questions throughout the process.” – Haley, 10 month old baby

“I don’t feel like an articulation of the way Rebecca has helped me, my daughter and my family, will ever do her justice, but I am determined to try.  Rebecca helped me with my daughter, my third child, in a way I literally didn’t think was possible... I mean, this is my third child, not my first Rodeo. I was totally skeptical going into the process but when you are utterly exhausted you are willing to try anything and I’m so glad I did.  When I first spoke with Rebecca, I was surprisingly optimistic about what she could do.  She listened and seemed understanding of my situation. She never judged me or even questioned my parenting rather she listened sincerely and let me know she could help.  That’s right - SHE COULD HELP! I mean talk about water in the desert.  Within the first few days of her consulting I witnessed remarkable results... I mean my husband and I referred to her as Mary Poppins. My child who would wake up multiple times a night and needed to be walked/nursed for hours in the middle of the night was sleeping through the night without me attending to her from 7pm to 6am.  She was so sensitive to my daughter and me it made that process so much easier. My daughter, Stella, is sleeping remarkably well. I was a total skeptic but after working with Rebecca I cannot emphasize how valuable and worth it she is. Thank you Rebecca!” – Ashley, 11 month old baby

“Our daughter was almost 1 yr old when we contacted Rebecca. We hadn't had a single full night sleep since she was born. She was waking up about 6 times during the night and would have to be nursed or rocked to fall asleep again. At this point, we were desperate and needed to find a way to make the situation better. We had been hesitant to do any sleep training since we were not comfortable letting her cry and also felt she still needed to be fed during the night. Rebecca was very understanding and developed a sleep plan that we felt comfortable with and addressed our needs. She was always very responsive and easy to contact. She coached us until we felt we could handle the situation ourselves. Today, our 13 month old has learned how to put herself to sleep while being in the crib regardless of who puts her down to bed and doesn’t cry anymore when doing so. Our life as a family drastically changed since we did the training. The process was not always easy but at the end it was well worth it. Our whole family is happier and better rested. Rebecca, Thanks for helping us get on the right track!!” – Dania, 12 month old baby

“Working with Rebecca truly changed our lives. At 13 months, my twins, Nathan & Emma were still waking up 2-3 times a night. We were completely exhausted and running out of ideas. I was amazed at how quickly my kids responded to their new sleep plan, and Rebecca was awesome at getting back to me quickly when I had questions or concerns. I am a better, more patient mom thanks to her. Thank you Rebecca!” -- Caroline, Bryan, Nathan & Emma, 13 month old twins

“We were at a point where we'd almost given up on ever sleep training Jack when Rebecca stepped in. At a year old I was ready to let him sleep in his own bed & not nurse throughout the night. We had tried several times over the year unsuccessfully to put him down for naps or bedtime and he would not have it. This was our 2nd child so we thought we knew how to handle it but we were way off. When Rebecca met with us she gave us a detailed sleep program that was designed especially for Jack & his needs plus ours. We are so incredibly happy as he has been sleeping through the night ever since and takes every nap in his crib! We wouldn't have been able to do it without Rebecca and are so glad we brought her in as now we're sleeping too!!” – Regan, 13 month old baby

“I called Rebecca when my son was 15 months and I was exhausted. We had somehow developed a sleep routine in the previous five months which involved me sleeping with him in a spare bed after he would wake up in the night. He was also still nursing what seemed like all night - he would wake up on average 3-4 times a night and nursing was the only way I knew to put him to sleep. 
I still remember my consultation with Rebecca when she told me that my son should be - and will be - sleeping from 7pm to 7am. This seemed like a joke - there was no way he could do it. But we are now 3 weeks after starting the training and he is sleeping those hours and has been for about a week and a half now. 
I thought it'd be far more exhausting to implement the training than it was to go on the way we were, but (as Rebecca said) my son was ready to sleep longer - he was surely exhausted also and needed some help and guidance to help him form better sleep habits. The plan was very doable and my little guy took to it quite well and very quickly! 
Before calling Rebecca I had read books and blogs and gotten tons of advice from friends. I finally realized I needed someone to really look at my specific routine and my specific child and tell me what to do for our personal situation. This is exactly what she did and my husband and I couldn't be happier with the results. I only wish I would've called sooner!” -- Manuela, 15 month old baby

“Finding Rebecca was a huge blessing for our entire family! My 20 month old daughter was still nursing throughout the night, waking up three times and only getting about 8 hours of sleep. I was beyond exhausted and at my wits end! After she started her personalized sleep plan, she slept 11 straight hours without waking once, on the third night! It totally works! The only regret is that I wish I would have known about Dream Big Sleep Consulting sooner. And the best part - now my daughter is more content, healthier and much happier! It's like magic and so simple!” – Denise, 20 month old toddler

“I originally connected with Rebecca when she provided some suggestions on a mom group post I had about night weaning. Little did she know that she would be up against one of her toughest cases yet ha! Before Rebecca, our almost 2 year old had never once slept through the night and would wake up from 2-8 times a night (yes, you read that right). With both my husband and I working full time, exhausted was an understatement. In just those couple of weeks, we had come full circle. With Rebecca's help (and patience with having to modify plans), our son was fully night weaned, we were no longer co-sleeping, he transitioned to a toddler bed, and he has been sleeping through the night most nights. Although we are far from having a perfect sleeper, this is a gigantic improvement and a huge weight has been lifted from our shoulders. I am so happy that Rebecca reached out to us-- I wish we would have connected sooner!” – Jenny, 22 month old toddler

“With the arrival of our 2nd daughter, we knew we had to get our eldest daughter into a better sleep routine than the (up to) 2 hour daily struggle it was to get her to sleep at night and for naps. We would lie next to her crib and hold her hand for hours until she finally decided to go to sleep - placing a huge burden on us and sucking up some much needed time we could be spending together, with our new baby or just relaxing after a long day. While skeptical that a turnaround could occur in 3 weeks, we were amazed when we saw massive improvements after only 4 days.  We stuck to the plan Rebecca gave us and things only continued to get better with each day. We no longer have concerns with the ability for our eldest to get to bed both for her lunchtime nap and evening bedtime.  After we put her in her crib, she falls asleep on her own within minutes now. Our anxiety has gone with the turn around nothing short of amazing, thanks to Rebecca’s plan and attention to detail. Our only regret is that we didn't contact Rebecca sooner!” – Lauren, 2 year old

“Dear Rebecca - Thank you for all the support to help us get to this point.  We couldn't have done this without you and appreciate all the encouragement and necessary pushing to accomplish our goal of independent sleep for Izzy.  It's really wonderful to see Izzy wake up happy and be so proud to be able to sleep by herself.  We have learned a lot from this experience and feel empowered to continue working with Izzy (and Nicholas).  Working with you was one of the best decisions we made for our family and we are happy with our results.  We know this is a journey and process, and it will not end with our time together, but you have given us enough tools and resources to help keep us on track.” – Yuli and Will, 3 year old