Baby Dreamer Package

This package is perfect for parents with a baby (3 – 15 months old) who is struggling with sleep. This consultation can take place in the comfort of your home, or if you prefer, via Skype or telephone. My availability varies, but I can often accommodate a new client within about a week… and sometimes even sooner. All consultations are strictly confidential.


First, let me tell you exactly what’s included:

·        A private, 60-90 minute consultation where we’ll discuss newborn sleep needs and schedules, how to teach your baby the difference between day and night, how to establish the right sleep environment, sleep strategies that will encourage healthy sleep habits, when to expect baby to sleep through the night, and solutions to common newborn sleep challenges. 

·        A detailed, fully-customized sleep plan that I will prepare for you after the conclusion of our meeting.

·        Two of the following support options (can choose an option more than once):

-   Four pre-planned follow-up telephone calls once you start working on your baby’s sleep. These follow-up calls typically last about 15 minutes, and we’ll use this time to answer any issues, questions, or concerns you might have.

-   Twenty text messages to use throughout the process. These are a great option for quick communication on an as needed basis; we can tackle issues or questions that come up unexpectedly and I can often respond promptly to receiving your text (but always within 24 hours).

-   One week of unlimited emails, to schedule at the beginning of the plan or later on. Emails provide a great written record of what we discussed and we can cover a number of questions and strategies that you may need support with (and will be returned within 24 hours).

·        My goodbye package full of tips for dealing with sleep struggles you may face in the future (once we are done with our support).

Investment of $399

(Payment by cash, check, or money order is also available; please contact me)


If you would like to book a full-service consultation, please call me directly at (949) 272-0725 or email

Rebecca Nazzal
Certified Sleep Sense™ Consultant
Orange County, CA

P.S. If you’re not sure if a consultation is right for you, or if you have any questions at all about what’s included or how it works, I’d like to invite you to take advantage of a FREE 15-minute telephone evaluation by calling me at (949) 272-0725. This will give us the chance to chat a little bit about your child’s unique situation, and decide together if a full consultation is the right solution for your family.

I look forward to hearing from you soon and helping you solve your child’s sleep problems!